Divine Feminine

Indra’s net is a symbol from Hindu mythology which sees the interconnectedness of everything and at each knot of the net is a mirror which reflects everything. This net is of cosmic proportions and stretches to infinity and through this shows that each of us is connected to everyone else. Each one of us contains within us the divine and we are reflected in all that surrounds us. In each of us is there is the divine feminine and each of us is reflected in the other. We are all compassionate and love surrounds us.

Sometimes the mirror reflects the shadow and we feel less connected and more alone and fragmented. We live in an illusion of disconnect and the need to go within to find that we are still and therefore I am. Living in the present allows us to simply be, not to be frustrated by the past or live for the future when we hope things will be different.

All the great religions agree that we need to transcend the limits of our separate little egos if we are to become aware of our place in the fabric of the whole. “Pacem in Terris” – a moving plea to all the people of the earth to work for peace and justice.


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