Seeking beauty

I am now standing at a point in time where I can no longer ignore my imperative to create. I know there will be challenges ahead of me on this journey. I am curious about the potholes and bumps in my road and how I will react to them. I am now out of my comfort zone, living in a new country away from the familiarity of the UK. I have a place here, where I am free to dance and express myself, but without my friendship network. I therefore have to look for another way to feel part of a tribe and am looking to my blog to help me form a virtual network of sharing and expression.

I have turned from my professional practice as a Consultant in Public Health to immerse myself in my new community and spend time on my artistic and creative practice. To date I have explored my creativity sporadically, but now am following more closely threads of curiousity, my intuition and spending more time in nature. At times I have been frustrated with the need to turn back to my professional world in order to survive financially. I had started exploring how I might bring my two worlds together and felt that I was having some success, only for it to all fall apart.

I see this time of difficulty as an opportunity, as a wonderful gift, being able to explore colour, shapes, my feelings, my environment through painting, photography, dancing, drawing and writing. I have begun to realise that every aspect of our bodies is needed to express who we are, and what we are as a community.

This new environment has led me to open my eyes more and more, to take photographs, visit new places and think creatively about what I can do to sustain and contribute to in the life Jon and I are making together. We have been creating a blog together to share some of the places you can visit if you come and stay with us La Grange a Joch. As we are living in a place that is off the conventional beaten track and on the edge of a forest it is easy to be in touch with the changing seasons. I have been drawn to the beauty around me, walking on the mountain with our dogs, seeing the palettes change as does the wax and wane of the moon. I have been taking time to sit in peace, observe, and meditate and appreciate the wonders of nature all around me. Moving now into winter, I see the snow on Mount Canigou quietly and majestically standing there. For me this is a time to think, let seeds grow and let ideas come into being. Charles Eisenstein talks of this time as a “Space between stories”, where we leave the time of separation behind and realise that we all need each other and therefore will come into a time of ‘inter-being’.

So I reflect on what my friend Sinead said and agree with her comment that, “It feels right that as I get used to a new place and new circumstances that I get to know it first …. And as challenging as it is right now, there is much that I have to be grateful for, and in creating new ways of living an important step is seek out beauty and spend a little quiet time alone in it”.


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