Dreaming our future into being

We live in uncertain times like living on quicksand. Every step leads to something different. I feel saddened that our leaders are not considering others and only thinking about themselves and the pursuit of financial power rather than sustainable future for our species. If we don’t care for our planet there will be nothing for future generations; our planet will be uninhabitable. It is important that we look towards helping each other and seeing he similarities rather than the differences. I loathe the way that some politicians are fuelling hatred and bigotry. We need to see the interconnectedness of everything around us. When one thing is trashed it has consequences and impinges on other things. Each of us is part of a wider system and we all have our part to play in what is unfolding. If we care for ourselves we also care for each other and in turn care for our planet.

I have a desire to understand my destiny and my path to happiness. I feel passionate about what lies ahead and how my life has a reason for being. Getting clear about my soul purpose feels important and as does my contribution in the world.

Each of us is a gift,

As we fulfil our purpose.

Bring love into others lives,

Tear down the walls

and bury the hatred far underground.

Caring for ourselves and each other,

Fulfilling our destiny

That is the path to happiness.

Weaving a web of interconnection,

Following your dream,

Persevering to the end.

If we believe the old system cannot be repaired or refurbished, we need to stop doing more of the same. Instead support is required for innovation and research into radically different processes, methods and systems based on a new way of looking at the world. The work is therefore process revolution rather than organisational development.

There is a need for new leadership and leaders that nourish, facilitate creativity, freedon, gratitude and caring for others. There needs to be a positive affirmation of people rather than a reliance on destruction and selfishness. Without finding a way to nurture and support a compassionate leadership we will instead face confrontation and conflict, increasing anarchy and a meltdown in society as people decide to turn their back on the ‘establishment’.

The current trend is towards networks and alliances; the term hub is commonplace and the language is that of ‘hubs and spokes’. Networks are necessary for engendering change and through social networks you can find others with similar interests. People move in and out of networks based on whether they are serving their own interests and benefitting their work.

The next step though is in the formation of communities of practice. As Margaret Wheatley says:

There are communities, whch means people make a commitment to be available to each other, to offer support to share learning, to consciously develop new knowledge, They are there not only for their own needs, but for the needs of others.

I feel that a community of practice like the Movement Medicine community that I’m part of involves an intentional commitment to advance the field of practice. Good ideas move quickly among members and the speed at which good practice is implemented is important as through such effort change takes place which is powerful and togehter we can create a world that is one that we all desire and is beautiful.


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