My footsteps to fulfillment

For so long my desire was to have work that involved changing the world. I wanted to be able to make things better, help people live healthier lives. As I travelled this road I often made things hard for myself. I stood up for what I believe in and always felt being authentic and speaking out for those less able to do so was important.

I have also realised in myself and in what I observe around me; is that we notice things only when they confirm what we already know and we ingnore everything that does not adhere to our already set beliefs. To be able to change we need to be able to observe from outside our normal processes and standpoints so we can be more aware and see something new and different.

Then it becomes a journey of wonderment which then can open up new wasy of looking and new truths. Wonder and awe seems to return us to a place of innocence and naievety. We can then be joyful and profoundly happy and willing to give up reliance on doing things in the same established way and be open to new possibilities and be able to glimpse into the unknown with a sense of not knowing and openess.

As Margaret Wheatley writes:

As the world grows ever darker, I’ve been forcing myself to think about hope. I watch as people far from me and near me experience more grief and suffering. Agression and violence have moved into relationships, personal and global. Decisions are made from insecurity and fear. How is it possible to feel hopeful, to look forward to a more positive future?

When the old ways are dying the new culture is created by those who are not afraid of being seen as strange or different and those who don’t rely on feeling secure. I see my source of fulfillment is in the ability to find joy and beauty in what surrounds me. That as long as I am able to feel connected to others who are looking for new ways of being and therefore am part of a community of relationships. As long as we’re togetherer and feel supported, we can persevere. Through the Movement Medicinecommunity I see us holding one another in a woven web of love and compassion.

Thomas Merton says that we are consoled and strengthened by being together.

A parting blessing

May you be blessed with vision

In these shadow times

May light invade the darkness

May it be soft brilliance,

as bare as candlelight,

guiding you through

twilight ’til dawn.

And when the dawn breaks,

may you find yourself

upon a threshold

May you enter

and go through,

and may you emerge

into the dance –

a whole and holy new

dance of grace.

Maureen J. Hillard, SND


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