A Brush with Inspiration

Much of my inspiration comes from my environment. I live in a beautiful place and as I walk I catch glimpses of beauty and have to find some way of capturing some of its essence.

On Foot I Had to Walk Through the Solar Systems by Edith Sodergran

On foot I had to walk through the solar systems,                                                               before I found the first thread of my red dress.                                                               Already, I sense myself.                                                                                                     Somewhere in space hangs my heart                                                                                     sparks fly from it, shaking the air,                                                                                                  to other reckless hearts.

To create you have to be able to risk everything. Everyone is creative; a child starts off laughing and never questioning their creativity. They are inspired by what’s around them, they are curious about everything, always asking questions. As we grow older many lose this aspect of themselves, they end up conforming to what is expected of them and lose the ability to see themselves as an artist.

Where I am, as it were, completely myself,                                                                                 entirely alone, and of good cheer                                                                                                       – say, travelling in a carriage                                                                                                                or walking after a good meal –                                                                                                           it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly                                                                                                                                              – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Each one of us is born creative – then we forget our purpose, our vision. We start to believe our doubts and fears, and slowly we stop being creative and see creativity as separate rather than within.

I love the place where I live as it is easy to be inspired as there is so much beauty everywhere. I know too that my creativity is a huge force that is inside every cell of my body. There is no one that has the same mix of ideas, attitudes and way of seeing things. We wait for inspiration to start, yet it’s here all the time.

When we put off beginning or completing a creative idea, we escape our fear of failing or being judged. We procrastinate and this stops us fulfilling our dream. However, sometimes we need time to rest, reflect or replenish our creative souls. Or, sometimes we just have to be kicked into taking the risk and leaving convention behind and be willing to give up the security arising from a particular role.

Our creative dreams often stay in our heads, inside a diary and we stop and forget the power of taking action and giving our creative dream a form, a colour, a shape or a design. Instead of worrying about perfection or not being good enough, we just need to start.

I found that when I lost my job and spent more time alone I became more creative. I became easily inspired by things around me. I often went on walks with my camera in hand and would be inspired by a flower, a rock, or a sky. I find that my creative time can fit in the cracks of my life, and as I nurture it I’m finding that it is beginning to blossom into a marvelous garden.

My creative dream started inside me, but now it needs to be seen. I want it to become more real and to share it more with others. I would like others to be able to see that the natural world can return anyone to the wellspring of creativity.


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