Creativity is my passion

Aphrodite is a muse and a being I have reflected on as I look at what I find important in my life. She is able to bring a work of art to life. Some call her the “Alchemical Goddess” because of the transformative effect characterised by this archetype. She is an essential element in the creative process. When we are creative, we are absorbed, curious, and fascinated in the interaction we have with our medium. In the creative encounter we are taken in by an unpossessive love and there is a sense that we are engaged in soul work. When we are absorbed so fully in what we are doing we can be said to be in Aphrodite’s presence and we tend to loose track of time. The Greeks called this ‘Kairos’ or ‘participatory time’ as you get lost in the moment, there is no sense of time passing and we are totally immersed in what we are doing. We are following our bliss.

I have been searching for a place where I can integrate my work and my creative activity. Many artists work during the day in one world and then write or paint in their free time. I no longer wish to have such a clear division between creative expression and employment. I desire that my art and my work are inseparable. I feel that when creative expression is viewed exclusively as something done by artists, life suffers.

I wonder at many things. I find it important that we can reframe our perceptions and be able to see beauty in what others may see as ugly. Wonder is the gateway to creativity as it is how we perceive the world and it becomes a gift. It is a way of looking that can be applied to anything.

Creativity requires flexibility and being able to accept new ideas. Ideally the practice of creativity brings an expansion and a sharpening of our senses and this in turn cam improve the quality of our interactions with others and the environment. As an artist I strive to understand how others see things. I’m always on the look out for when I’m becoming to blinkered and am open to the ways other’s perceptions can take shape and how I can improve how I work through discussions and exchanges with others.

I have found that my creativity is a continual experiment and as I continue on my path I hope I can become more expert in my creative process. There are times though that when my creativity comes to a screeching halt and I feel blocked. This may be because of a feeling of not having enough time, fearing failure or a lack of energy. Sometimes there are times when more planning and reflection are needed. It is like a seed is gathering the nutrients it needs to burst through its pericardium. I find at this point I have to look for ways of overcoming the resistance or cogitating too long, instead put the plans into action and try out the new ideas. Creating is a continual process of learning what works and what doesn’t.

I love it that as a creator, there is never a time in my life which is boring or routine. There is always something new on the horizon. Creativity seizes the moment and finds opportunities to create and live life to the fullest and involving others with the process gives them new experiences and brings them pleasure as well – because creating is where the human spirit is able to shine brightest.


One thought on “Creativity is my passion

  1. I love what you are saying Marion- there is so much gentleness and curiosity in your exploration of creativity. I am in a new place with my art and find myself uncomfortable in my “lostness”- old voices and energies of judgment , fear and resistance arise- your writing is like fresh air blowing softly through a window – ushering wonder and innocence in.
    Thank you!


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