Grace and Elegance: following your inner divine nature

Divine grace is in the flow of creative work                                                                                      Jean Shinoda Bolen

I was wondering why “grace’ found it’s way into my principles. I was born on a Tuesday and as the nursery rhyme tells us, ‘Tuesday’s child is full of grace’, however, it wasn’t what I believed as I was told I was too clumsy to be a dancer. However, I loved to dance and would dance everywhere, particularly in the garden. I saw fairies and they too were full of grace and elegance. I watched butterflies, that to me were so beautiful and how they danced from one flower to another. As I grew older I continued to dance: ballet, tap, modern, jazz, contemporary dance. I loved to watch dance as well, and loved to go to Sadler’s Wells. Then I found 5 Rhythms Dance and later Movement Medicine.

I found healing through my dance and it also allows me to see how we are all divine beings. We have relationships on different levels; our interior one, one with the other, as part of our community and the world.

As my awareness of this reality grows, I see that there is ultimately one intention I surrender to the Divine, the creative life force and welcome its manifestation through me. As Allen says:

As we create in relationship to the Divine, we come to know our intrinsic value, our preciousness, our uniqueness and our interconnectedness. We know this not because we see and judge another as inferior, as a better or worse artist. We are aware of our wholeness as well as the wholeness of others which include intrinsic power and authority. The need for validation from some outside source begins to seem silly. We seek to share with others because our beauty is reflected in theirs and theirs in ours, creativity becomes a wonderful dance and not a contest with a scarcity of prizes.

Someone talked to me last night                                                                                                               and told me the truth.                                                                                                                               Then I awoke and remembered nothing,                                                                                               but a warm shadow.                                                                                                                                         I danced with the shadow                                                                                                                           and felt joy and sorrow,                                                                                                                                   I painted with the shadow                                                                                                                           and saw trees, light and darkness.                                                                                                       Dark purple, beautiful reds and crimson.                                                                                             The flute played.                                                                                                                                              It penetrated my body.                                                                                                                                  Its kaleidoscope of notes displayed a million suns.                                                                            The music has truth within it.                                                                                                                Where else have you seen or heard                                                                                                              a sight or sound like this?                                                                                                                            And found your beauty within?

To me elegance also means grace and beauty in movement or design. I desire to be able to create gracefully and with beauty in my work and in my creative expression. I want my writing to be elegant, comprehensible and touch your heart as you read what I have to say.


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