Deep listening

There’s more to listening than meets the ear. Pauline Overos has done much in the field of music and art. She described Deep Listening as;

listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what one is doing.

It is concerned with the voluntary selective nature of listening, the choice you make to listen to someone intently with no distractions. It includes bodywork, sonic meditations, interactive performance, listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, one’s own thoughts, imagination and dreams and listening to listening itself. It is said to activate a heightened sense of everything around you that is both internal and external, and promotes experimentation, improvisation, collaboration, playfulness and other creative pursuits that are intrinsic to personal and community growth.

Part of my process of becoming more creative and intune with my nature are my walks in nature. Opening your eyes to what is around you.

We create and are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us.

Each of us has some way of listening to our true selves and becoming more contemplative. I find my art, dance, singing and yoga all give me a space for quieting the mind and listening to the body. The Centre for Contemplative Mind in Society describes this as the ‘Tree of contemplative practices’.


A meditation in lilac

A painting in mauve, blue and green

dances across the canvas

Swirls and movement


Time to be

to relax

and become

A chance to forget life outside.

Lilac splatters across the page,

love shines forth from within

Compassion for ourselves

Belief in beauty

energy flows

the nugget

of gold

is in

you and me.



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