Respect for the word – to employ it with scrupulous care and an incorruptible heartfelt love of truth – is essential if there is to be any growth in a society or in the human race. To misuse the word is to show contempt for man. It undermines the bridges and poisons the well. It causes Man to egress down the long path of evolution. Dag Hammerskydd

Respect of the other only comes when you also respect yourself. It can be shown by doing small things for others and by taking care of their feelings. You can think of circles of respect, starting with yourself, other, your community and culture and finally the world around you.

To be able to live happy and free
love and respect are necessities
As important as water and air we breathe
our self-esteem depend on these needs.

Love and respect have a high price
you earn your way to own these rights
First learn tolerance and understanding
for all living things
Love will come freely on angel’s wings….

Being respectful is valuing the others point of view. It means that you are open to being wrong. It is accepting people as they are and not trying to impose your view or change them. It means being polite and kind at all times. It is not about being disdainful, gossiping about others or telling untruths.

If we are thinking about how we live our lives in this time of uncertainty considering our principles for living and how we relate to others is important. Respect for ourselves, others and the planet becomes a serious consideration if we are not to pollute and contaminate our wonderful world further. The realisation that all animals are sentient beings and that our ecosystem should also be thought of as such becomes paramount.


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