From Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller

… More songs full of joy!

Joy! Joy!

Joy, bright spark of divinity,

Daughter of Elysium

Fire- inspired we tread

Within they sanctuary

Thy magic power ee-writes

All custom has divided,

All men become brothers,

Under the sway of thy gentle wings

Whoever has created

An abiding friendship

I am at my happiest when I am able to be me that there is no need to stand on ceremony and those around me accept me, care for me and love me for whom I am.

I love it when I am surrounded by warmth either from the sun or sitting in the front of a cosy fire watching the flames flicker and light my face and those with me in a golden glow.

I feel joyful when I am walking in beautiful surroundings, being able to see the creativity in everything. It makes my heart sing and feeds my soul.

Spending time being creative; taking photographs, painting, dancing, singing, listening to music gives me space, balances me and makes me feel joyful. I also love to be to be with those who are important to me. I love to be with others who have similar passions and enjoy talking about what they enjoy.

Spending time with Jon, having fun with my girls, spending time with my Dad and doing things together is part of being fulfilled and brings me heaps of joy.

I’ve been doing a visual journal recently and I sat and meditated and felt an immense feeling of celebration in the life I have. I loved being able to depict this in the colors that flew to my fingers. Seeing a champagne bottle with its cork flying out and bubbles of joy spilling over. So I find a way into my life and the fun I have ahead of me doing what I love and that will spill into the relationships I have with others.

I feel inspired by Sark and her response to life:


What will you do with the miracle of YOU?




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