Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. It is particularly poignant on a day where an attack has taken place in the capital of London. Sadly people have died and trauma inflicted on innocents. Being able to show love enables reconciliation after conflict.

Being able to love oneself and be compassionate to ourselves needs to happen before we can extend ourselves to others. Being able to understand ourselves in order to be able to help others is important in the times that we live in. It is so easy to isolate ourselves and switch off when others need support. We hear so many terrible news items on struggles and conflicts in other parts of the world and then through fear feel that there is nothing we can do to change anything. We are bombarded by pictures of children facing war and hardship and many become hardened or overwhelmed with the feeling of impotence and inability to change such world events. Working in the caring professions you often see people who have become de-sensitised to suffering as it is a way to survive. However, what we find is that if you can show empathy the outcomes of patients is improved.


For all of us to be able to continue to live in the world we do there is a need to find a way to be inclusive and live harmoniously. A fear of difference and a preaching of hate is not going to make the world a safer place but instead we need to look for the common humanity and realise that we can live together and help each other by being considerate, affectionate and listening actively to what others are saying.

Showing kindness is catching and makes another happy. Small acts of kindness can brighten the day of someone who is feeling sad.

I find when I’m feeling sad and need to heal myself my dance practice is what I rely on. It enables you to go inside and express your feelings that in turn enable you to look outwards and connect with others.


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