In the past monks lived in places such as the beautiful Abbe de St Michel de Cuxa which is in a place that feels like it is on the top of the world. It is far from the madding crowd but you truly feel that you are amongst the gods.



Living peacefully

Connecting in joy,

With those around you,

To share and care;

Dissolving difference.

Underlying unity,

Wrapped in love;

United in our vision.

Heart to heart,

Underlying sacred beings,

Souls entwined;

Consumed by peace.

In the mirror of thee,

I see me,

So forgive and be free.


As Pema Chodron says:

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions

Living in peace is about living harmoniously with yourself, others and all sentient beings around you. Living peacefully is both an outward and an inward process. Outwardly it is a way of life in which were respect and love each other and don’t allow cultural, religious and political differences to get in the way. Inwardly, we need to be able to forgive, search our hearts, accept and overcome our fears.

Finding our inner peace involves being able to be quiet, breathing and relaxing. I find being out in nature, going for a walk and sitting listening to the silence enables me to find the calm place inside me.

It is important to love others and accept them just as they are, without being able to do this you will never find peace or be at peace. You can never change anyone but yourself, so many people go into relationships with the belief that they will be the catalyst for change in their loved one. They are sorely deluded and will make themselves sad and unhappy. It is also true that if you don’t love yourself you can’t love others and conflict will ensue. Finding peace means accepting yourself and then you can live more peacefully with others.

If you are unable to moderate your convictions you are bound to have conflict follow you around. The belief that what ever you do is always correct and the inability to be tolerant leads to arguments and a lack of a peaceful life. Tolerance for difference is an art but it brings harmony.

In our everyday lives we often hurry about and leave little time for reflection. I have found that spending time going over the day’s events leads to learning and realisation. Those moments of reflection can bring about aha moments and bring more ease into your life.

If we are able to seek forgiveness rather than revenge means that you will have wonderful memories to cherish and love. Your life will be one of joy and true happiness which will spread to your family, your community and the world around you.

If we are all able to be the change we want to see in the world, we will see kindness and sharing, not evil and hatred. Equality and fairness are the essence of peace. If peace was widespread, through all seven continents all fighting and war, all battle and mayhem would be needless and pointless and we could look at each other without fear but instead care for each other and realise the common humanity of us all.


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