Spreading Hope

Each time someone stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others …. he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.                                            Robert Kennedy

Is there anyone in your life you would like to encourage? I have two gorgeous daughters and at times they have faced challenges. I have friends too that have had difficult times in their lives. Sometimes it is a relationship, or it might be financial problems. For one of my friends I found that having time to inspire each other in finding time for creativity has been profound. We share special moments through photographs or writing a piece of poetry so even when there is no possibility of meeting up we can show how we are there for each other. At other times I have found being there to listen and make no comment but just hold a sacred space has been what is needed. Listening deeply and sharing your own vulnerabilities means relating to their humanity on its own level, and being able to share your doubts, struggles, thoughts and open up to them.

Sometimes there is someone we want to help but are unable to as they are so far away. But thinking outside the box and reaching out across the space through alternative means is sometimes what it takes. There are lovely special times when friends can come and stay and they too can spend time in beautiful surroundings away from the stresses of their everyday lives. I love to be able to open up my home to others. I have found that in the busyness of my life I suddenly realise that I have lost touch with those whom I hold dear and every so often I need to take stock and take the time to reconnect through a note a picture or a thought specially put together for them to show just how much they mean to me. Writing a quick email may be all that it takes. Inviting someone out for a coffee, or round for a meal can show how you care fore them and get you out of yourself and put a focus on your friends and family rather than just your life.



Knows no fear


Hope dares to blossom

Even inside the abysmal abyss


Hope secretly feeds

And strengthens


Sri Chinmoy


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