Finding my voice

Don’t talk about being true to myself

Until you are sure

To what voice you are being true.

Marion Woodman with Jill Mellick

It has been quite a journey for me to ‘find my voice’ or speak up for what I hold to be true. As a child I was quite shy and reticent. I remember getting a report one year saying, ‘Marion needs to speak up more and share her ideas’. Another year my head of year wrote, ‘Marion will never come to anything”. I found these words pretty hurtful and they were devastating to me as a shy teenage. However, they did inspire me to ‘show them what I’m made of’. I ended up being the second student at the huge comprehensive school that I went to, that actually went to university. My family always thought I would study art but I was so scared that I would end up being a ‘starving artist in the garret that I chose to study biology.

Later I went onto study education and became a teacher. It didn’t take long for me to feel the urge to travel and I went to teach in Kenya. After the experiences I had there I decided to go back to university and study nutrition and I then went back to work overseas. I returned to England as part of a family and we decided that our two girls should go to school in order to have the chance to go to university.

I ended up becoming a Consultant in Public Health but my love of creativity, photography and dance was always with me. When I was studying as an apprentice in Movement Medicine I asked for the opportunity to speak up for something I was passionate about. It wasn’t long after that when the opportunity arose! It was a life-changing experience for me. It brought me closer to my husband as he supported me through my life being turned upside down.

It takes hard work to differentiate our inner voices,

and in crises,

there is no time to wast.

So spend an hour a day writing.

Separate real from unreal,

what stays from what goes

Then leap beyond anything you imagined.

Marion Woodman with Jill Mellick

So my husband and I moved country together. As I’ve mentioned before we live in a beautiful quiet village in rural France, overlooking a majestic forest with our two dogs. I spend my time travelling between England where I’m working and France which is now my home. I love having the space to write and be creative. One I am able to finish my work in England I’m looking forward to having an art exhibition and offering people a special place where they can connect to themselves and find their creative interior and the ability to birth their endeavours.

I’m looking forward to spending more time in my community, finding my niche and supporting my husband in his. I want to learn more about the plants that will flourish in my ‘extreme garden’ and start a new pastime as a garden designer!

A powerful dragon

Fiery interiour

All-seeing eye

watches over the world.

Fierce winds blow

Let all the pain

be burnt to a crisp.

Keep your voice true

to who you are.

There are others who

want to turn you

from your path.

Shake yourself

Free yourself

And let others see you

Hear what you have to say

It is important for everyone.




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