I have had a very interesting life as I have been able to travel and live overseas for a substantial amount of time. My career has been pretty diverse and has included being a teacher, working as an academic and time as a Consultant in Public Health. I have lived in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Nepal. I am now living in the south of France.

I am also an artist and like to paint on silk and this has led to the name of my blog; as it means Marion’s Silk Workshop.

I have lots of inspiration all around me. I love to go for walks and often take my camera with me. You will find lots of my photographs of things that have touched me and that lead to some of my paintings. I also love to write and sometimes a painting inspires some words.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nature…never ceases to amaze, evoke awe …..LOVE!
    I, like you Marion, am experiencing living in many beautiful places in New Zealand through house-sitting.
    Am currently way down the bottom of the South Island in a tiny settlement comprising 5 houses called Kuri Bush, and my quirky solar house is a mere stones-throw from a white and gold-sanded beach.
    The opportunities to reflect, absorb in minute detail my surrounds and to work on my passion..are available through what I call ‘my splendid isolation’ and the ever changing beauty.


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