Finding my voice

Don't talk about being true to myself Until you are sure To what voice you are being true. Marion Woodman with Jill Mellick It has been quite a journey for me to 'find my voice' or speak up for what I hold to be true. As a child I was quite shy and reticent. I … Continue reading Finding my voice


Connecting to your greater Mythic Story

She quietly expected great things to happen to her, and that's no doubt one of the reasons why they did. Zelda Fitzgerald Twenty years ago I was living in Nepal and decided I wanted to do a doctorate. I had been a science teacher and was trained in the use of scientific method. I realised … Continue reading Connecting to your greater Mythic Story

Opening Yourself to Your Life Purpose

So few of us know from an early stage what our soul or life purpose is. There are some that follow the family footsteps of being a medic, taking over a family business or following the path of singing, or acting as 'it is in the genes'. For me the option of taking over the … Continue reading Opening Yourself to Your Life Purpose

The Keys to Living your Life Purpose

Opening to my limitless field of possibilities and finding my soul purpose. I find more and more wonder in my life. I love being able to take a walk with my camera and see the beauty that surrounds me, it fills me with such joy and happiness. Recently I spent a weekend with my father … Continue reading The Keys to Living your Life Purpose

Life-long Learning

Lifelong learning is the ongoing self-motivated pursuit of knowledge which can be for personal or professional reasons and occurs at all ages The term recognizes that learning is not confined to childhood or the classroom but takes place throughout your life and in a range of situations. It can enhance social inclusion, being an active … Continue reading Life-long Learning


Compassion is the response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help. It is particularly poignant on a day where an attack has taken place in the capital of London. Sadly people have died and trauma inflicted on innocents. Being able to show love enables reconciliation after conflict. Being able to love … Continue reading Compassion