I have been realising for sometime that I’m in a liminal space; this space is one that is exciting on the one hand but quite scary on the other as well. One of the places where my, ‘space between stories’ arose came from the time when I was completing my apprenticeship with Movement Medicine and as part of a ritual I stood and said, “I want to be given the opportunity to speak my truth”. I thought nothing about it until a couple of months later the opportunity came into being. I spoke out on the difficulties faced by councils and how they were now public health organisations that they were having to make different decisions. Some councils have divested investments in tobacco as they are contrary to public health whilst others have not managed to move past the imperative to make the biggest return on investment. The organisation that I worked for was one such council and I ended up facing a really challenging time.

My husband Jon asked me during that time whether I fancied a move to France and I said, ‘Yes, let’s go for it’. So we made a complete break and I left my permanent well paid job for a much more precarious one. We made our move to the south of France and for a while I commuted. The next decision was to give up the commute and find a way in our new community to contribute, have enough and enjoy life to the full. I have been creating, writing, dancing and exploring ideas. I am making new connections and am open to new opportunities.